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If you already know how to install vinyl retrofit windows and doors, or vinyl replacement windows and doors, and you live in the state of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, or Colorado, you can get a Ply Gem vinyl window and door quote here. Most quotes on Ply Gem vinyl retrofit windows and vinyl replacement windows are emailed within 24 hours. The Ply Gem vinyl retrofit windows and sliding glass doors quoted are from either the Ply Gem plant in Corona, California, the West Sacramento, California facility, or Auburn, Wa. All of the Ply Gem Facilities manufacture a vinyl replacement window for any type of project, as well as a retrofit style frame made specifically for stucco homes so common in California and the west. We charge $100 per order to deliver to California customers and $150-$250 per order for customers outside California.

In addition to the common styles such as single hung, horizontal sliders, casements, and picture windows, we can also quote bay, bow, awning, garden, geometric shapes, oversize units, or units that require tempered safety glass through our PlyGem quote page email system. We can also get new construction as well as replacement frames. If you need interior and exterior vinyl trim accessories, check out our Vinyl window trim. We ship our vinyl trim accessories nationwide, with orders arriving in one week or less. If you live in southern California and want to visit the factory showroom in Corona, the address is 235 Radio Rd. The showroom in West Sacramento is located at 3010 Ramco St. The Auburn facility is located at 5001 "D" St.. They are all open Monday through Friday from 8-4. You can also see short videos of our product line on our You Tube Channel.
You can also download a Ply Gem brochure by Clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page where it says "WEST", then click on any of the models shown. The Brochure downloads every model that Ply Gem offers. The process of retrofitting windows in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah is just not that common. You may not be able to find a dealer who offers a retrofit style window. We ship the California style retrofit window frame to all 7 states. Retrofitting is a lot easier and causes less exterior and interior damage, which requires patching. If you aren't familiar with the retrofit process, you can watch scenes from my installation DVD on my YouTube channel

How To Install Vinyl Windows And Doors

If you don't have any experience Installing replacement windows, retrofit windows, & sliding glass doors, but have experience working with a tape measure, drill, and caulking gun,you might be surprised how easy it is to learn about installing vinyl windows and sliding glass doors yourself. You can literally save thousands on labor costs, especially if you're planning on installing replacement windows and doors throughout your home. If you are a contractor or window installer and you are still replacing windows the messy, old fashioned way, our Vinyl window installation video will show you a better way. If you live in a state where I am unable to ship windows and retrofit window frames are not available, you can combine a replacement frame with the flat trim that I sell to create a retrofit installation. CLICK HERE to learn more.

"Vinyl Windows Made Easy" shows the process of replacing an aluminum sliding window in Southern California with a vinyl window using the "retrofit" replacement window frame, and a double hung replacement of a wood sash window using a vinyl replacement window. Every aspect of the project is covered in detail, from measuring to removal, from installation to trim and caulk. There is an additional 30 minutes describing replacements on brick veneer and aluminum or wood siding. Read Testimonials from satisfied customers. There are websites that offer "free" installation advice, but if you don't have any experience, it's virtually impossible for someone to tell you how to do something by describing it with words. There really is no better way to learn how to do something than to watch someone do it. If you just have a question or two, then the free sites might be all that you need. "Vinyl Sliding Doors Made Easy" shows a complete tear out and installation of a Sliding Glass Door in Southern California using the "Retrofit" Style frame. All credit card purchases are protected by the yahoo SSL Certificate but, if online purchases make you uncomfortable, you can purchase the videos as well as various vinyl window and door trim over the phone by calling 1-714-589-9026.